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Noxious Radiation

Modern urban life brings many health risks. The work environment is very often stressful, and going to work and back home may be stressful as well. Our home should be a safe haven with a pleasant atmosphere which would help us to recharge our creative work energy. Are our homes always such safe havens?

Every home is affected by earth energies, having Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids. Those grids are even more noxious when accompanied with a sort of geo-pathogen energies, due to underground water veins or cracks in rock substrate.

healing sick houses


A sick house is one in which illness, disease or lack of ease of the people who live or work there seems to be related in some way to the place. This is an oversimplified statement, as living in a particular place does not cause all our ills. There are always a number of causative factors. However, place does seem to play a significant part in many cases.

One of the clearest indications of a sick house is the reaction of people living there. We get many letters saying that the writer feels listless and drained while in the house. The effect then disappears when they go to stay somewhere else. This is often for a holiday, and the improvement is attributed to the relaxation and lack of everyday pressures. But when returning home, the feeling of lethargy returns, even if there are no significant day-to-day pressures. Lack of sleep, and a feeling of waking up tired is often associated with a sick house. This sleeplessness is sometimes more marked in younger children even if the grown-ups are not affected. We often have reports of babies not sleeping well and being found squashing themselves into a corner, or at the end of their cot; they are trying to move themselves out of the influence of unhelpful energy. When the energies have been transmuted to being beneficial, the infant then sleeps better and is no longer found squashed up as before! An infant who fails to sleep affects parents by needing attention.

Children and young teenagers are often adversely affected by the energies of place more than adults. This is particularly noticeable with girls nearing puberty. The symptoms are usually lack of energy and loss of number of days at school trough illness that is sometimes not clearly defined. They may be diagnosed as having ME. There has been considerable controversy over this disease. Some say a virus causes it, others say it is a psychological problem. It could easily be both as it seems likely that the virus, of whatever sort, has not been neutralized due to the persons’s immune system functioning below maximum efficiency. Despite the medical name for ME being myalgic encephalomyelitis, we call itmuddled energies. The person’s own energies are being muddled by those in their surroundings and this reflects directly into the body’s workings. We find that transmuting the earth energies in and under the house is often a significant factor in improving the health of such people. When these energies are positive, they encourage lifting of the spirits, and therefore an improvement in wholeness and wellbeing. The effect can be experienced in places that are already positive, such as cathedrals and places of special beauty and significance in the landscape. You feel light: this is like levity as opposed to gravity.

Negative earth energies are generally experienced as some kind of draining away of life-force, mostly in insidious and unconscious ways. You may notice it in everyday life when you stay for any length of time in a place that makes you depressed and heavy. It feels as if your personal battery is being flattened with no detectable cause. ME is a typical ‘flat battery’ disease. You can compare it to your car battery: one day when you go to start your car there is that sickening ‘clunk’ and no action. Someone can help to get you going with jump leads and once your alternator has done its job you can use the lights etc…and start the car again another day. And then it happens again… Suppose the light in the boot of the car remain on after you shut the lid: you don’t know it, but the energy is being drained out of the battery all the time. Removing the cause of draining, making sure the light in the boot does go out, and giving the car a better charging mechanism, will ensure it has enough power for starting, lights etc. in the future.

In the human being, changing the discharge to a positive charge will help the body to function more efficiently, especially in its own defence, by strengthening the immune system. Dr Rosy Daniel, recent medical director of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre, in her introductory video, postulates a scale of strength of an individual’s life-force registers on her scale, the more vulnerable the person is to all kinds of disease, from outside infections such as cold and flu, to an inability to throw out mutant cancer cells from within. A reduced life-force can demonstrate itself at mental and emotional levels too: we are asked to help people with depressions, from just feeling gloomy and lethargic, to a full clinical depression needing medication and hospitalisation. It is probably what we mean when we say someone is dispirited; and of course a diagnosis of serious illness, or even the realisation that one is not well over a period of time, can increase this, setting up a vicious cycle.
Another way of looking at this problem is in terms of the load on a person. All sorts of things can overload our systems: stress, overwork, bad diet and too many pollutants to name just a few. If we are also being drained at a subtle level by negative earth energies or presences (see Chapter 6) our life-force lowers to the point where we are more vulnerable, and eventually reaches a point of danger and inability to cope. We hear of many people receiving healing of all kinds, feeling better for a few days, and then going downhill again: a significant clue that they might have an earth energy problem.

HEALING SICK HOUSES, Dowsing for Healthy Homes
by Roy and Ann Procter
Getaway, Dublin, 2000
(pages 1-3)
Please see this presentation: Click Here

Electric and Magnetic Radiation (EMR)

Modern homes and work areas are packed with electric wires, equipment and wireless devices which create pretty high level of adverse electro-magnetic (EMR) pollution. And it is not all. Our atmosphere is highly polluted by radiation from mobile telephones, TV and radio networks and communication networks.

Electric and Magnetic Radiation

“In less than a generation, our homes and workplaces have become host to an array of electronic equipment that earlier generations might have considered wizardry. There are electronic gadgets to help you wake up in the morning, change the television channel, brush your teeth, cook your food, wash your dishes, open the garage door, and navigate your car. There is technology to help us read the daily news, locate information, acquire educational skills, connect to other people, and perform most work-related functions. In fact, there are few areas of life in which technology has not carved a niche.

No matter where you live or what you do, it’s likely that you’re in close contact with EMR-emitting technology for much of your day. If you have a cordless phone, sleep on an electric blanket, or use a mobile phone as an alarm clock, you’re exposed as you sleep. If you use a computer, a mobile phone, or electronic equipment in your job, you’re exposed as you work. If you catch a bus or train or drive to work, or occasionally catch a plane, then you’re exposed as you travel.

There is no doubt that this technology has brought great benefits. It allows us to accomplish huge volumes of work easily or automatically, and in greater comfort. But it has also changed the nature of our living and working environments. The technology in our homes and workplaces all emits invisible electromagnetic waves that spread, like ripples in a pond, into areas where we spend time.

For the first time in history, we are living in an artificial web of biologically active radiation. We know that it affects our bodies and our minds, even if the impact of these effects is still under dispute. We know that children are more vulnerable because their cells are rapidly growing and dividing and their brains are still developing. We know that the effects are cumulative and will not be fully understood for decades, if not generations, to come.

In the meantime, we face the challenge of balancing the benefits of technology with the risks — of navigating our way through the currents of life without being either becalmed or swamped by them.

International authorities almost universally recommend the ‘precautionary approach’ of avoiding unnecessary exposure where possible. Yet exactly what constitutes sensible precautions is largely left for us to decide. Each of us therefore faces a decision about how much exposure to accept and how to create the safest possible environment. It’s a choice for individuals, parents, and administrators. It requires us to know just what we’re exposed to and what we can do about it.” …
(“The Force” by Lyn McLean, available from

For more information on noxious electric and magnetic radiation please watch this video:

Assitance in Safe Home and Work Areas Design

Proper design of renovated or newly built homes or workspace can bring, as a final result, a health risk free zone. Positive energy creation along with reduction or elimination of exposure to a bunch of different sorts of noxious radiation and energies can help in illness prevention. Our mission is to provide our clients with nice, comfortable, functional and safe homes and work environment, and all those requirements can be achieved by particular design solutions.

Xpact Constructions is willing to work with our recommended or with our clients’ preferred designer(s).

Material Selection Assistance

During the course of design and construction activities Xpact Constructions pays a particular attention to the selection of health friendly materials. Material selection is always targeted to bring the highest level of satisfaction and confidence to our valued clients.

Chemically, Energy and pH Balanced Water

Human body has more than 70% of water; therefore drinking water plays a very important role in human’s health. Chemically, energy and pH balanced water can be a very useful tool in lost health regaining or illness prevention.

Here’s the thing: Water is of the utmost importance to becoming and remaining healthy. But water quality, already atrocious, will be inexorably deteriorating for the foreseeable future.

Like the earth on which we live, our bodies are 70 percent water (and our blood 94 percent). If we subsist on polluted water, imagine the devastation to our bodies. Come to think of it, you don’t have to “imagine”–chances are you are experiencing it right now.
The single most important thing you will learn in this book is to get your body plenty of pure water. And not just any water–alkalizing water.
by Dr Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young
Piatkus, London, 2009
(pages 110-111)

Energy Efficiency

Rising energy bills can be a good reason to think about energy efficiency when renovating or doing new construction work, and Xpact Constructions is very keen to be a part of such an effort.

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