Facts About Timber Flooring

Facts about Timber flooring

Timber is a natural material and variations in color, texture and other naturally occurring features are found between pieces and batches of the same species. Sanding and finishing of the flooring can also cause variations in its appearance. Read more

Health Friendly Building Information

Checklist For Health Friendly Building

Noxious Radiation

Modern urban life brings many health risks. The work environment is very often stressful, and going to work and back home may be stressful as well. Our home should be a safe haven with a pleasant atmosphere which would help us to recharge our creative work energy. Are our homes always such safe havens?

Every home is affected by earth energies, having Hartman, Curry and Schneider grids. Those grids are even more noxious when accompanied with a sort of geo-pathogen energies, due to underground water veins or cracks in rock substrate.

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